Rules of the Momentum Program

Promotion Period:

  • The Momentum program will run as indicated in these rules, until a time that Mohegan Casino Las Vegas management deems a change or cancelation of these rules necessary.


  • Must be 21 or older to establish a Momentum account.
  • Must be able to provide a valid state or government-issued identification. Identification types will include but are not limited to, State Identification Card, Driver’s License, Passport Book, Passport Card, and/or Military Identification


  • The Momentum program is a loyalty rewards program intended for use at Mohegan Casino Las Vegas and provides inclusion at eligible Momentum properties.
  • Momentum accounts are free to eligible guests.
  • Guests may register for a Momentum account in person at the Cashier’s Cage, Table Games or the Momentum Enrollment Kiosks.
  • Once registered for the Momentum program, an account number will be associated with the guest and a card may be issued if desired.
    • Momentum accounts exist within a Player Tracking System (herein referred to as “PTS”).
    • All guest data will be securely stored within the PTS and used for promotional purposes.
    • Mohegan Casino Las Vegas does not share or sell data for any purpose.
  • With a Momentum account created, guests have the option to play Slots or Table Games at Mohegan Casino Las Vegas and be rated for this play to receive offers and rewards based on the level of play.
    • Slots – Guests must have their Momentum card correctly inserted into a slot machine to be rated.
    • Table Games – Guests may provide their Momentum card or identification to be rated at table games. Ratings at table games will be started by a Table Games Supervisor or above, and all play at table games will be based on average observed bets and buy-ins.
  • Momentum account holders are eligible to receive offers and rewards from the property, as outlined in the "Offers and Benefits" section of these rules.
    • Prospecting offers for Free Slot Play, Free Bets, or complimentaries may be provided to non-Momentum guests but may not be redeemed until a Momentum account is activated on-site.
  • Utilization of the Momentum account when playing will earn guests “Momentum Dollars” and “Status Points”. Momentum Dollars are transferable between participating Momentum properties, but restrictions may apply at other properties.

Momentum Dollars – Momentum Dollars are valued at $1:$1 at all participating outlets within Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. This currency may be utilized at all eligible and participating vendors. Redemption of Momentum Dollars may be applied to food, beverage, goods, and/or gift cards. Momentum Dollars are also valued at $1:$1 in Free Slot Play at a slot machine. The earning rate of the Momentum Dollar is proprietary and confidential and is based on rated play at Mohegan Casino Las Vegas. Guest must have active play (earning at least one Status Point) at Mohegan Casino Las Vegas for Momentum Dollars to remain active. 12 months or longer without earning one Status Point may result in the purging of all Momentum Dollars from the guest’s account.

  • Momentum Dollars cannot be used to settle gratuity/tip.
  • Momentum Reward "Comps" cannot be used to settle gratuity/tip.
  • At Food & Beverage restaurants and outlets, Momentum Dollars and Momentum Reward Comps may only be used to settle food and beverage charges and any applicable taxes.
  • Identity verification and signature are required for a member to use a Mohegan Momentum card as a form of settlement.

Status Points – Status Points will be earned based on rated play and are not eligible for redemption. Status Points have no value but are used to notate benchmarks within the Momentum program and authorize a Status. Guests receiving a rating on Slot or Table Games play, utilizing their Momentum account, will earn Status Points at a proprietary and confidential rate. Status Points will expire every six months, and the value will reset to zero. The earning rate for Status Points will be April 1st through September 30th and October 1st through March 31st (gaming date/time). Should a guest reach the below Status Point thresholds during the earning period, the guest will receive the associated Status from the time of earning through the end of the following period. (i.e.: If a guest earns Leap status on January 1st, they would be awarded the Leap card from that date, through September 30th (the end of the next qualifying period).

Core Ignite Leap Ascend Soar

0-39 Status Points

40-299 Status Points

300-1,999 Status Points

2,000 - 4,999 Status Points

5,000+ Status Points

Offers and Benefits:

  • As part of Momentum, guests will be eligible to receive offers and rewards based on their Status or rated play levels.
  • Direct mail and email offers will be based on guests' play frequency and/or rated play activity.
  • All Free Slot Play offers start at 8:00AM on the first day of the listed valid period and end at 11:59PM on the last day of the listed valid period.
  • Benefits of the program are listed here and outlined by Status Level. These benefits are communicated via rack cards and the Mohegan Casino Las Vegas website. In the event of additions to the Momentum Status benefits, this information will be communicated to the guest via direct mail, email, rack card, or updates to the website.

Additional Rules:

  • Select benefits, rewards and offers are based on a minimum level of rated casino play.
  • Select benefits, rewards and offers are issued based on the member having a valid email address and/or mailing address and/or mobile phone number.
  • Select benefits, rewards, and offers are based on availability and may require advanced notice.
  • Select benefits, rewards, and offers only apply to member purchases with non-casino currency.
  • Select benefits, rewards, and offers are only valued once during the Status level period.
  • No purchase is necessary to participate in this promotion. Momentum card is free and may be obtained at the Cage Cashier / Momentum Rewards Center, Table Games, Hotel Check-in, or Enrollment Kiosks.
  • Employees of Mohegan Casino Las Vegas and its related companies are not eligible to participate in the program.
  • Momentum Status Points and Momentum Dollars are earned on cash/credit transitions only and do not include tax or gratuity.
  • When exchanging Momentum Dollars for Free Slot Play at the Cashier's Cage, you must have a balance of $5 or more.
  • No more than $1,000 in Momentum Dollars can be exchanged for Free Slot Play in one day.
  • All purchases made using earned Momentum Dollars are non-refundable.
  • Momentum Status Points and Momentum Dollars have no cash value.
  • Momentum Status Points and Momentum Dollars are non-transferable, including upon death or divorce.
  • Leap, Ascend, and Soar members must display a valid VIP parking credential to park in a designed reserved parking space on the 3rd floor of the Harmon parking garage. All garage guidelines and restrictions apply.
  • Select Ascend and Soar Level complimentary rewards and offers will become available on the first day of the month following the member's Status level change.
  • Gift redemption constitutes permission to utilize the patron's name and likeness for promotional purposes in any media without remuneration. This includes displaying guest's name on property signage, using names in external e-mail announcements or on
  • Momentum cards are the property of Mohegan Casino Las Vegas and must be returned upon request.
  • Each Momentum member must select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the member’s account and a username and password for his/her online Momentum account. Members are responsible for keeping secure their account information, including passwords and security responses. It is the member's responsibility to keep that PIN secure and confidential. Each member is responsible for all transactions on his/her account when his/her PIN is used.
  • Any dispute or situation not covered by the above rules will be resolved by Mohegan Casino Las Vegas Management in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned.
    • If a resolution cannot be decided upon, the Nevada Gaming Control Board will make the final decision regarding resolution. 
  • In addition, Mohegan Casino Las Vegas reserves the right to change, modify or cancel this program at any time.
  • Any change or cancellation of this promotion must be approved by Mohegan Casino Las Vegas Management.
  • Participation in this program is an agreement to abide by the rules of Mohegan Casino Las Vegas.
  • Mohegan Casino Las Vegas may disqualify any person for any prize based upon fraud, dishonesty, and violation of promotion rules, or other misconduct. 
  • Momentum cards are non-transferable.
  • Malfunction voids all pays.
  • Members are responsible for any applicable taxes. Winners are responsible for providing their Social Security number when requested in order to comply with IRS 1099 reporting requirements.
  • Mohegan Casino Las Vegas reserves the right to remove and revoke promotional giveaway offers (i.e. Free Slot Play or Free Table Bets), Momentum Dollar worth, Status Points, for any persons on any state gaming exclusion listed or enrolled in any state self-exclusion program, patron whose account has been merged or duplicated, patrons permanently banned from the casino property by management or government authorities or patrons who have voluntarily limited themselves from Mohegan Casino Las Vegas and its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates or parent companies. Such persons are not eligible for the Momentum Rewards program or any of its offerings.
  • These benefits and others, without limitation, may be restricted, altered, supplemented, and/or eliminated at management's sole discretion with or without advance notice.
  • Mohegan Casino Las Vegas encourages responsible gaming. For help and information, call toll-free at 1.800.GAMBLER.
  • By participating in the Program, Members consent to the collection and use of Member personal information in accordance with these rules and the Mohegan Casino Las Vegas privacy policy, as it may be updated from time to time. The current privacy policy is available here.