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If you would rather have your Win/Loss Statements mailed to you, please click on the Win/Loss Request Form links below:

Win/Loss Request Form
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Please direct all questions to a Casino Compliance Representative by emailing

** Win/Loss statements provided by Mohegan Casino do not include promotional payouts. In some circumstances, promotional payouts such as tournament prizes or cash drawing winnings may be reported to the IRS on IRS Form W2G instead of a 1099 in accordance with IRS regulations. Information contained in Win/Loss statements may not be an accurate assessment of gaming at Mohegan Casino as information is gathered only when a player utilizes a Momentum card when gaming. Mohegan Casino makes no warranty or representation that Win/Loss statements provided to players are accurate.

Win/Loss statement Info

Win/Loss Statement

The Win/Loss Statement produced by Mohegan Casino is created strictly from activity on your Momentum card.


*Within the current year, the history includes up to the last day of the last completed month.

Please direct all questions to

Tax Forms Verification

4455 Paradise Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89169


For your convenience, the information relating to your Slot and Table Games activity at Mohegan Casino at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas for the period specified below has been processed from our records. This information is predicated upon the use of your Momentum Card. Therefore, in instances which you did not use your Momentum Card, we were unable to account for your gaming activity.

The figure below represents in part the combination of total Slot activity as well as total Table Games activity to date at Mohegan Casino Las Vegas for the period specified below. Total Slot activity is calculated by adding the total coin deposited in the machine (via cash or credits), less the total coin paid out of the machine (via cash or credits), and less any jackpots won and paid by hand with currency. Total Table activity is calculated using your observed win or loss as compiled by Table Games management.

We hope the information provided will be of assistance to you. In the event that you require further explanation of the enclosed statement, or would like to speak with a representative, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 1.800.910.2387. Mohegan Casino Las Vegas appreciates your valued patronage and we look forward to your next visit.

*The information contained on this statement is a summary of records contained in Mohegan Casino Las Vegas's player rating system.  This information is unaudited and contains estimates of gaming activity when the corresponding players’ club card was utilized.

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